Faiza Lewis - orthodontist

Faiza Lewis


Partner and Specialist Orthodontist

G.D.C. NO. 69483

Why did you specialise in Orthodontics?
I trained as a dentist first and then because I love children and I am a bit of a perfectionist, I decided to specialize as an orthodontist. The training is long – nearly 10 years when you take into account the years as a dental undergraduate – but it’s been worth it. It is a pleasure to work with patients who are keen to have treatment and actively want to come and see you. No two patients are the same so I look forward to every day to see who will walk through my door knowing that we will get to know each other and that together we can make brilliant smiles!

What's the best part of your job?
The transformation that takes place in someone who arrives with teeth that they don’t like and leaves with a smile they love! You can’t beat a winning smile and I’ve seen time and again how this can really change someone into a happier and more confident person. I love that! I am very fortunate to be in a job where I see the results of my work and often receive wonderful ‘thank you’ cards, messages and even flowers. It’s a privilege to know my work can have a positive impact on people.

Whats the worst part of your job?
My journey to work is only 1hr, but like most commuters there are days when I wish I could be transported home instantly without the travelling.

Do you have any special interests within it?
I do still like doing a small amount of cosmetic dentistry with tooth coloured material to get teeth the correct size and shape. I have quite a few patients on the autistic spectrum and they have been particularly rewarding to treat

What do you do for fun outside of work?
I learnt to cook from my Mum and love pottering about the kitchen. Travelling is also right up there in the things I enjoy doing and luckily for me it’s a special interest my husband shares with me.

  • More about Faiza

    I started my dental career at Birmingham University and graduated as a dentist with BDS in 1993. I then did my Vocational training in Nuneaton at a family run practice for eighteen months.

    I then worked as Senior House Officer at Queens Hospital in Burton on Trent Hospital and The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel in Maxillo- Facial surgery and Oral surgery for 2 years where we specialized in facial trauma and cancer of the head and neck area. I then worked as a Community Dental Officer for Wandsworth for eighteen months where I specialized in paediatric dentistry. It was during my time here that I passed the Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship exams and then was accepted onto the 3 year training programme in a Masters of Orthodontics and MSc at Guys and Kings College, London, where I graduated as an orthodontist in 2002. I stayed on as part time Staff Grade orthodontist at Ashford Hospital for 5 years to gain some experience in orthognathic (surgical) cases.

    I currently work in two practices, in Ewell, Surrey and Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire.

    My job involves straightening people’s teeth to an ideal standard and where this is not possible, to give patients all the compromise treatment options available to them, so they can make an informed decision regarding their end result. As a result of this ideal I work very closely with all other specialists in dentistry and the referring dentists so that your end result is one for life. As specialists, we spend a great deal of time planning our cases with all relevant records so that the correct appliance is chosen and the end result maintained appropriately.

    Although orthodontic treatment can take some time, the end result is of a natural looking straight smile which is inevitably the best smile anyone can have.

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