Madeleine was referred because she felt her top teeth were "sticking out". She started treatment at the age of 12 years with a functional appliance followed by fixed braces. Her total treatment lasted 28 months but now, at the age of 16 years, is maintaining a lovely smile.

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James was 16 when he started treatment with an upper removable brace which was then was followed by upper and lower fixed stainless steel braces. His treatment lasted 24 months.

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Susanna came to see us because she did not like the spaces between her upper teeth and the crowding of the lowers. She was fitted with upper and lower fixed braces and after 12 months had the smile that she was looking for!

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Helen had orthodontic treatment as a child and unfortunately as she had got older had noticed her teeth had begun to move again. She was mainly concerned about her front four teeth and wanted to have something done before they became much worse.

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